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51 Main Street
Southampton, NY, 11968
United States


America’s Original Source For Home Goods Bringing Our Best To You Since 1842!

Established in 1842 Hildreth’s is America’s first and the Hamptons largest in interior and exterior home furnishings and accessories.
Including the largest selection of indoor furniture Hildreth’s carries luxurious bedding, top of the line bath towels, spa essentials, housewares, candles and hostess gifts, table linens, baby cribs, children’s clothing, gifts and toys, area rugs, lamps & lamp shades and even sewing supplies.
With over 80,000 square feet in 3 convenient locations including East Hampton and Southampton Hildreth’s celebrates its 13th generation on the East End of Long Island and being in business since 1842.
Hildreth’s experienced sales staff, designers and decorators offer the best in customer service, the finest in quality products, all for an outstanding value…

Hildreth’s bringing our best to you since 1842.



"I love walking into Hildreth's and hearing the floorboards creaking under my feet as I roam through your bedding department, which is my favorite. I get so inspired every time I go through Hildreth's to get my house in tip top shape. My favorite purchase is my dresser in my room which is gorgeous four years later. Still love and holds everything!" --Erin Hattrick
"Fantastic home and bedding! (its all great)" --Betsy Horn
"Favorite Store" --Bernadette Wierzbicki
"A few months ago, after having spent the night in a high end hotel and waking up feeling so refreshed and invigorated, I decided it was time to invest in a new mattress! So off I went to well known sleep stores to figure out which mattress would be best for me. I was very intimidated by the pushy sales people, prices and insulting questions that the "sleepy" sales people asked me. I almost gave up my quest for a new mattress until I remembered that Hildreth's Home Goods carried mattresses. Wow! Upon entering the store, I was greeted by a nice woman and asked if I needed assistance to which I replied I was just looking. She let me know where to find her in the event of needing help and I soon began literally laying around on the different beds. No one was staring at me, trying to convince me which mattress was best for me or asking me insulting questions. I soon informed Joanne of my choice and she was professional, informative and very patient with me. She reviewed the specs of the bed with me and was open and honest with her answers. I paid for my mattress and low and behold the price was much cheaper than the box store and the delivery dates and times were much more flexible! My bed was delivered on time by two very nice men who took great care in transporting my old mattress out and the new mattress inside. They offered to cover their shoes inside my home and took the time out to greet and pet my dogs. They were personable friendly and professional. It was such a relief to have such a great experience! From beginning to end, my mattress purchase at Hildreth's Home Goods was positive and enjoyable. My mattress is of the finest quality, the price was very reasonable and the service was unsurpassed. No need to wonder why Hildreth's Home Goods has been in business so long serving our community. I highly recommend shopping there for just about anything! Great quality, service and prices!" -- Tracy Lynch McLaren
"My fondest memory of Hildreth's was being able to purchase quality furniture "back in the day" and paying it off over time. Back before credit cards. Ann Whiteman would send a bill every month until it was paid off. It was and still is a lovely store, an asset to the village." --Jean Raffel
"I love you guys bc I have searched high & low for my very special cream & I just thought I'd go in an wander around & wala! There it was .. I have searched all around & you my friends had it happy lady for sure ."--Denise M. Zaluski
"I'm proud to be a descendant of Robert Hildreth (great grandfather)..the blacksmith in water family has shopped in hildreth's my entire life....they carry such an eclectic array of can always find the perfect something there....I don't remember her name..but the lady in the material dept. Was a favorite of mine....I love Hildreth's!!!" --Terri Gann
"Great store with great values and customer service.  A real community store." --Charles B. Mottern  
"I love shopping at word to describe my nice to deal with good local peeps.. A wonderful experience."--Kimberly Ann
"Can't wait to come back!" --Kathleen Enright
"If you need it they got it , When they don't have it they will get it... " --Rob Jessup
" bad thing....I can never go in and out real room is better than the next!!!! So fun!!!  Spend some time, and enjoy!!" --Sarah Anjali 
"It's eye candy all the time! So fun to shop in both stores." --Amy Life Designs
"Hildreth's wraps gifts to perfection #LOVE this store!"--Nicole Miller
"Purchased a beautiful bedroom set there a couple of years ago. The sales lady was very helpful and friendly. Just love this store." -- DonnaMarie Rago-Santoro
"Love Hildreth's! Went shopping in there last year when I was visiting home! Bought a great pair of funky reading glasses, some tea towels, and I can't remember what else! LOL. Love their sewing Dept!" --Corinne Scholtz-Boltz
"I love Hildreths. Fabulous store, super staff."--  Sarah Shaw
"I worked at Hildreths back in 1983. At that time the bath shop used to be on the north side of the building on the first floor. Alan Alda's wife, Arlene, came in and started shopping. She asked if she had to purchase her items separately in each department and my supervisor at the time told me to go get a shopping cart and follow her through the store. She was one of the nicest women I have ever met and she filled the shopping cart. It was an experience I have never forgotten and it taught me about real customer service." --Kelly Gang
"Hildreths defines the Hamptons! It's a place that has been around for a long time and vacationers as well as residents come to Shop.The prices are always right and the items are always just what your looking for! I love the look of Hildreths from the outside and whenever I am in town , I stop in to see the latest.The Staff are friendly and helpful and if that wasn't enough it always seems to have a smell of a bouquet of roses coming from the unique selection of lotions displayed! A little bit of summer in the winter , with seashells and Cruz like pretty things! Great gift ideas! Thanks so much Hildreths.My best experience at Hildreths is growing up and hearing about it from my parents and then getting to love it for myself and telling my children about it and Now they love the store!" --Teresa Galante
"I remember Hildreth's when you had a Men's department. My brother (6 years older than me) would take me every Christmas Eve to Hildreth's to get present for Mom and Pop! It is fond memories and I must go there every time I visit!"
"Great store, very impressed." --Linda Hitzman
"I love Hildreth's because you do not shy away from who and what you are. The history, the sweat and are America's first department store, but more importantly, you are America's oldest department store. Your people don't work 'for' you, they work 'with' you. You treat everyone with dignity, kindness, and respect. You don't put up with bull, but you know how to diffuse it with grace. You give back to the community and you are a part of it. Christmas buggy rides down Main Street. Hot cocoa and caroling. I can't imagine the villages without Hildreth's. Businesses like yours are the heartbeat of America"  -- Vicki Colina Brunne