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America’s Original Source For Home Goods Bringing Our Best To You Since 1842!

Established in 1842 Hildreth’s is America’s first and the Hamptons largest in interior and exterior home furnishings and accessories.
Including the largest selection of indoor furniture Hildreth’s carries luxurious bedding, top of the line bath towels, spa essentials, housewares, candles and hostess gifts, table linens, baby cribs, children’s clothing, gifts and toys, area rugs, lamps & lamp shades and even sewing supplies.
With over 80,000 square feet in 3 convenient locations including East Hampton and Southampton Hildreth’s celebrates its 13th generation on the East End of Long Island and being in business since 1842.
Hildreth’s experienced sales staff, designers and decorators offer the best in customer service, the finest in quality products, all for an outstanding value…

Hildreth’s bringing our best to you since 1842.

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Established in 1842 Hildreth's Home Goods is America's oldest and the Hampton's Largest in interior and exterior home furnishings and accessories. You will find everything for any room in and around your house. In our Blog you can read about Home Decor & Design tips, and so much more. add your comments we would love to hear from you!

The Colors of Relaxation


Sunshine. Beach.  Turquois water.  All mental images that conjure a relaxing sigh.  Let us look at inspiring seascapes and their color palettes and attempt to translate their calming energy into interior design. 


Drawing inspiration from white sand beaches, Polynesian bungalows, palm trees and teal-colored seas, the color palette below focuses on the spa-like qualities of island life.





The Living Room

For the living room, we love using custom-configured sectionals. 

Incorporating a pair of ottomans and two accent chairs allows the space to be easily reconfigured to suit the number of guests and activities at hand. 


The Kitchen

Often the heart of the home, the kitchen is a natural gathering place. Incorporating a large island workspace and pairing with counter stools allows the chef to engage with her guests while cooking.

Regardless of your personal style, each of us has the ability to create a space that is both functional and stylish. By curating unique items and thoughtfully arranging your seating and accent pieces, your house becomes a home.



Lets explore a sophisticated color palette featuring soft gray and ivory tones accented by bold punches of burnt orange and terracotta.


Dimension is achieved through fun patterns, such as the iron gate design, embossed crocodile and abstract spirograph as highlighted above.  Geometrics are proving hot as is highlighted by the bold circle and structured zig-zag patterns.


In more casual environments, we are seeing pops of colors added through the use of accent pillows and chairs, again keeping the foundation in a neutral tone, as shown above in a soft ivory coloration.  Hints of metallic are added throughout the room through nailhead on the ottomans, as well as the metal accents on the cocktail and lamp tables.


Finally, we see the last setting showcasing the use of terracotta in a fun geometric pattern on a mid-century modern chair while a bold orange is used as an accent on the door and pillows.  Keeping the walls ivory and adding metallic touches keeps the room feeling refined.

Why Do We Toast With Champagne On New Year's Eve?


Every holiday has its own set of customs and customs. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself, why do we toast with champagne on New Year's Eve? The truth is that drinking champagne to ring in the new year is a tradition that technically dates back over 1,500 years, although it really started to become popular only a few centuries ago.

Way back in the 16th century, Europeans were poppin' bottles as a way to celebrate events, but only the absolute wealthiest people drank champagne, as it was super expensive at the time.


Drinking champagne specifically on New Year's Eve is a tradition that some argue has existed since the time of Julius Caesar (although it must have been some seriously rudimentary champagne he was working with), but the actual notion of staying up until midnight to cheers with champagne didn't start until the 1800s.


Cafe Martin was a restaurant in New York run by two French brothers. which subsequently became the place to see and be seen. These brothers boasted a menu of 69 different types of champagne that they imported from France, and hosting a New Year's Eve celebration became one of the biggest and most profitable days of the year for them.


So, this all goes to show that, in any given context, a tradition can slowly but surely make its way to the mainstream through more than one catalytic event. 

For the United States, our celebration of the new year could be attributed to the effect that this popular restaurant had on the culture of New York City at the time, although you could also argue that the general types of advertising around champagne contribute to our understanding of the drink.

None of this is to say that you have to drink champagne on New Year's Eve in order to celebrate the holiday correctly. In fact, you really don't have to drink at all if you don't want to.

But if you do decide to throw back a few flutes of champagne, now you'll be able to make a toast that honors the true history of champagne to impress your party guests. Cheers!

The Art of the Table and Its Secrets


It is not every day that we get to sit around a multiple-course meal and have to wonder about the way to use cutlery. For a dinner with friends or with the family, the important thing is to be together and share a good meal. Generally, little importance is given to the table code of conduct called the ‘’etiquette’’. Of course, when we were younger, our parents were always telling us how to behave ourselves: “we do not put elbows on the table, do not speak with your mouth full” and many other directives of this sort.

The holiday season is already knocking at our doors and it is, of course, a time when activities, dinners and social events are multiplying. You will soon have several occasions where you will sometimes be the guest, but also sometimes the host of the evening. In any case, it is important to master the art of the table and know a few rules for a successful social reception, without any faux pas.


How to set a table?

A well-set table is just as pretty as practical. The art of the table has its secrets and it is, of course, easy to get lost or see it as a difficult art to master. There is in fact a very easy logic to apply to achieve the right order of presentation and to know which and when to use the glasses and cutlery.

The tableware

  • Always have a presentation plate, which you will then remove for dessert time.

  • On this presentation plate, overlay the one for the main dish, the one for the starter and the one for the dessert.

  • Never stack more than 3 plates (starter, main course and dessert).

  • Arrange the plates 2 cm from the edge of the table and keep a space of at least 30 to 40 cm between each plate.

The cutlery

  • For cutlery, the knife goes to the right, the forks go to the left. The tablespoon is placed next to the knife, outwards.

  • The cutlery is placed according to the order in which it will be used, from the outside to the inside (the farthest from the plate will therefore be the first to use) and the cutting edge of the knife must be directed to the plate.

  • Dessert spoons and forks can also be put on the table. They are then placed in front and against the plate, next to the glasses.

The glasses

  • The glasses are placed on the right, in decreasing order of size, in the following order from the left: water, red wine, white wine.

  • If space is limited, ask your guests if they prefer red or white wine to avoid placing two wine glasses on the table.

  • If you have to serve a different wine, liquor or champagne for dessert, bring only the glasses when serving the dessert.


  • The napkin is placed on the plate for lunch and on the side, to the left, for dinner.

  • If you are serving an elegant dinner, opt for cloth napkins instead of paper towels.

Bread and butter

  • Place the bread in a small plate or basket on the top left of the main plate.

  • Choose round or square rolls, or a finely sliced baguette. Never put the bread on the table without cutting it.

  • A towel can also be placed on the bread basket, if necessary.

  • For the butter dish, it is placed on the left above the main plate with a small individual plate and a knife.

  • If your dining table is small, place the bread basket nearby on a sideboard or buffet.

Focus on timeless pieces


Focus on timeless pieces

Every era has its classics that transcend the ages brilliantly. In this case, the definition of classic is far from impersonal and minimalist decoration. You can define your own classic, either by choosing an antique furniture or one inspired by your most beautiful travel. Each room must be personalized and reflect those who live in it. In the living room, mix a pretty ottoman with a colourful oriental print or large black and white arabesque pattern to a rustic wooden media unit. On the other side of the room, you can mix a round-backed wooden chair to a square, glossy, ultramodern coffee table. Feel free to mix antique furniture and trendy design, which blend harmoniously. You will know how to master this trend with confidence only if you do not think mechanically and simply follow your instinct.


Ways to Decorate with Fresh Christmas Greenery


We like to bring the Christmas spirit into every room in the house, and even outside the house too. One of our favorite things to use is fresh greenery that screams “the holidays are here!” There are so many fresh Christmas greenery choices out there including magnolia, pine, boxwood, and cypress. We’ve gathered together plenty of ideas on how to use these fresh pieces and more in each room of your house. Let's decorate, y'all!

Do you have large windows, use garland as window treatments.

Do you have large windows, use garland as window treatments.

Scatter votives of different sizes throughout fresh greenery on the table for a simple centerpiece that doesn’t have to be watered.

Scatter votives of different sizes throughout fresh greenery on the table for a simple centerpiece that doesn’t have to be watered.

Don't let the living room have all the holiday fun. Make a playful statement in this welcoming area with a garland-draped, stocking-bedecked banister

Don't let the living room have all the holiday fun. Make a playful statement in this welcoming area with a garland-draped, stocking-bedecked banister

Curious Cat


The moment of truth: The Christmas tree is set up and decorated. Will your kitty notice?

For many cat owners, the answer is a fear-inducing yes. Felines are notorious for attacking Christmas trees the second after they are decked to perfection. It takes some cats just seconds to turn a perfect tree into a mangled shrub full of broken ornaments. Other cats prefer to bat off fragile decorations or climb into the heart of the tree and make a home among the branches.

After last year’s upside-down Christmas tree trend, going with just the top half of the tree doesn’t seem too wild.